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Saturday, March 19, 2011

~Leg Reveals What Mind Wants To Do~

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First of all, our legs have two basic purposes which are to move forward to get food and to run away from danger.
 This is because our brain is directed to move towards what we want and move away from what we do not want.
Thus, the way a person uses leg or feet show where they want to go actually.
In simple word, during conversation, we can see a person's commitment whether to leave or stay in the conversation.
For example, open or uncrossed leg show open attitude while close or crossed leg show close attitude.

Meanwhile, a woman who is not interested in a man will fold her arms on her chest and cross her legs to give no-go signal but an interested woman will open herself to him.

Basically, there are four main type of standing positions that always been used which are at attention, legs apart, the foot-forward and leg cross.

  1. At attention
  • This is a formal standing position to show a neutral attitude with no commitment to stay or go.
  • It is used mostly by women compared to men as "no comment" signal.
  • Schoolchildren use it when they are talking to a teacher while junior officers use it when they are talking to senior officers.
2. Legs apart

  • Usually men use this standing position and  it is like a standing crotch display.
  • The crotch display places both feet firmly on the ground, making a clear statement that he has no attention of leaving.
  • The crotch display always  used by macho men and tough guys.
3. The foot-forward
  • Body weight is shifted to one hip, which leaves the front foot pointing forward
  • During middle ages, painting showed high status of men standing in the foot-forward position as it allowed them to display their fine hosiery, shoes and breeches.
  • It also pointing where minds want to go.
4. Leg cross
  • In some situation, we can see people standing with their legs and arms crossed.
  • If they are wearing jackets or coats, they are most likely to be buttoned.
  • This is because they do not know others well.
  • Crossed legs show a closed, submissiveness or defensive attitudes as they symbolically deny any access to the genitals.
These are all about different kind of standing positions. In the next post, we will learn something new but related with body gestures. 

Friday, March 4, 2011


Did you know that there are three common hand gestures that we always use in daily conversation? what are the three type of common hand gestures?

Here, we go!


3. V- SIGN

So,lets move on the details.

what is meant by THE RING??
Generally, this kind of hand gesture has been popularized in USA during early 19 century by newspaper that used initial to shorten common phrases. However, there are many version of interpretations of initials 'OK' which originally means 'all correct' that often mispelled as 'oll korrect'  while some people interpret it as opposite of 'knock out' or 'KO'. There is also another popular popular that it is a short form of 'Old Kinderhook' which is taken from the birthplace of a 19century American president who used this initial as a campaign slogan. In addition, it is so obvious that the ring itself represent the letter "O" on "OK" signal. In Paris, they interpret it as 'Zero' or 'Worthless' but in Japan, it means 'money'. However, in some Mediterranean country, it is an orifice signal often used to infer that  a man is homosexual.

  so, How's about THE THUMB-UP??
For some places that have strong influence of British influence like Australia, USA, and New Zealand, the thumb-up gesture means :
  • hitch-hikers who are thumbing a lift, it means OK signal
  • when the thumb is jerked sharply upwards it has different meaning which show insult, meaning 'Up Yours' or 'Sit on this'.
  • for some countries like Greece, if the thumb is thrust forward and it means 'get stuffed'!
However, when European counts from 1 to 5, they use thumb up to show 'One', the finger index become 'Two' meanwhile English speaker starts count 'One' on index finger and 'Two' on middle finger.

lastly, we move on to THE V-SIGN!

The sign is common in Australia, New Zealand as well as Britain which carry meaning of 'up yours'. The "V for Victory sign" has been popularized by Winston during world war 2, but his two-fingered version was done with the palm is facing out, whereas palm faces towards the speaker for the obscene insult version. In part of Europe, the palm-facing-in version still means victory. This signal also has been used by European to represent number 2, and if the insulted European was a bartender, his response could be to give an Englishman, American or Australian 2 mugs of beers.

before, i end, Lets watch some useful video to enhance our understanding. Enjoy!!

Friday, February 25, 2011 OF SMILES~

There are different types of smiles that we can observe in daily life which are :
  1. The Tight-Lipped Smile
  2. The Twisted Smile
  3. The Drop Jaw Smile
  4. Sideway-Looking-Up Smile
  5. The George W Bush Grin

1. The Tight-Lipped Smile
People who use this type of smile usually stretched tight across the face to form a straight line and the teeth are concealed. It has meaning behind this smile which is the smiler is actually has secret that they will not be sharing with you. Women always use this kind of smile to hide that she is actually does not like someone but only another women can read this signal of rejection clearly while men are oblivious to it.  This smile also can be seen in magazine pictures or even the cover of magazine of successful businessmen who are communicating " I have the secret of success and you have to try and find it out by yourself". Meanwhile, in the interview, the men only talk about the general principle of success and he will not reveal the details on how they succeed.
Tony and Cherie Blair were "tight-lipped" about Cherie's last pregnancy.
This woman is "tight-lipped" to show that she has a secret but she would not tell anyone.

2. The Twisted Smile
This smile show opposite emotions on each side of the face. It is peculiar to the Western world and can only be done deliberately which means it can send only message of sarcasm.

In the picture A above, it can be seen that the man raises his left side eyebrow, the left zygomatic muscles and left cheeck to produce one type of smile on the left and while the left brain pulls the same muscles downward on the right side to produce an angry frown. When we place a mirror down the middle of picture A at angle of 90 degrees to reflect each side of face, we will see two different faces of opposite emotions. when we mirroring the right side of face, it reveals the picture B which is cheesy grin but when we mirroring left side of face, we will see picture c which is angry frown.

3. The Drop-Jaw Smile.

This smile is used to show impression of the person is laughing or playful. This is a favourite of people, such as The Joker, Bill Clinton and Hugh Grant, all of them use it to show the expression of happy to their audience or to win votes.

4. Sideways-Looking-Up Smile

It is one of the smiles that Princess Diana used to captivated the hearts of people. This smile made men want to protect her as well as made women want to be like her. It is common when the smile is regular in women's courtship repertoire to attract men as men read it as seductive and powerful "come-on" signal. Now, Prince William also use this kind of smile not only to winning people's heart but also reminds them of Princess Diana.

 Princess Diana's sideways-looking-up smile has powerful effect both to women and men.

5. The George W Bush Grin.
President George W Bush always has a permanent smirk on his face. It has been found that smiling among middle-class people is most common in Atlanta and most Texas. Bush is a Texan and they smile more than American. Thus, in Texas, unsmiling people will be asked " are you angry about something?" while in New York, the smiler will be asked " what is so funny?"

I end my post with these quotes :

“Beauty is power; a smile is sword.”
“There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.” 

Thursday, February 17, 2011 Expression~


Did you know that a natural smile produces some wrinkle lines around the eyes? Insincere smiles only includes of smiling lips. People who smile sincerely do not only pull up their lips corner but also produce some wrinkle lines around the eyes as resulted from the contraction of muscles.

A French scientist, named Guillaume Duchenne de Boulogne made a research on how to differentiate between smiles of enjoyment with other types of smiles. He pulled face muscles from many different angles to record which muscles caused which smiles. He found that smiles are controlled by two different muscles which are zygomatic major muscle and orbicularis oculi. 

Zygomatic major muscles are consciously controlled and used to produce FAKE SMILE to look friedly. That is the true fact!. Meanwhile, scientist use a method called the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), which was devised by Professor Paul Ekman from University of California and Dr Wallace V Friesen from University of Kentucky to differentiate between real and fake smiles. 

People can fake their smiles even they seem to smile sincerely. A real and sincere smile includes of fleshy part of the eye between the eyebrow and eyelid, the eye cover fold, moves downwards and the end of the eyebrows dip slightly. 

As our habit, photographers always ask us to say “cheese” because this word pulls back zygomatic major muscle. However, it turns out to be fake smile and insincere looking photo. Generally, smile and happy face is signals of happy feeling to show that the person in happy mood.

As we smile, we attract more new friends, improve health and colour our life. Laughter increases the amount of oxygen in blood that cause face turns to red. It also lowers the heart rate and burns up calories.

Monday, February 14, 2011

~WORST Handshakes???~

The TOP Eight WORST Handshakes!!!
Have you ever noticed that there are some kinds of handshakes that are unacceptable and irritated? http://matcuoi.comBasically, there are eight types of handshakes that are considered as worst and annoying by many people.  So, I will show you all the worst handshakes but please avoid them for your own sake. 

1.     The Wet Fish
Credibility: 1/10
There are some kinds of handshakes that are as uninviting as WET FISH, especially when the hand is cold or sweaty. The soft feel of WET FISH causes it to be unpopular. For your information, 1 in 20 people are suffering from hyperhydrosis where a genetic condition causes chronic sweating. So, I advise you to bring along your tissues or handkerchief anywhere to dry your palm before any handshaking.  

 2.    The Bone-Crusher
Credibility: 0/10
It is the most fearful handshake as it leaves an indelible memory on recipient’s minds and fingers. The bone-crusher is a handshake that usually done by people who are overly aggressive, without warning, and attempt to demoralize his opponents by grinding his knuckles to a smooth paste. Attention to women especially when you involve in business dealing, please avoid to wear rings on your right hand as bone-crusher can draws blood and leaves you to open your business dealing in state of shock.

3.    The Vice
Credibility: 4/10
Men always use quietly persuasive style in business and reveal a desire to dominate and assume early control of relationship or put people in their place. The vice includes of present the palm in the down position with one sharp downward pump followed by 2 or 3 vigorous return strokes and a grip that potentially stop blood flow to hand.

4.    The Finger-tip Grab
Credibility: 2/10
The finger-tip grab usually occur in male-female greetings where the person mistakenly grabs the other person’s fingers. The main goal of this style of handshake is to keep the recipient at comfortable distance. It also can happen because of the personal space differences between people in the handshake. If the finger-tip grab happens to you, take other person’s right hand with your left and place it correctly on your right hand.

5.    The Stiff-Arm Thrust
Credibility: 3/10
It is also used by aggressive person and its main aim is to keep you at a distance and away from their personal space. It also has been used by people raised in rural areas which they have larger personal space and want to protect their territory.

 6.    The Socket-Wrencher
Credibility: 3/10
It is popular among power players and common cause of watering eyes and even torn ligaments. It involves forcefully gripping the receiver’s outstretched palm, then simultaneously applying a sharp reverse thrust, attempting to drag the receiver into the initiator’s territory.

7.    The Dutch Treat
  Credibility: 2/10
This style is originally from Netherlands, where a person can be accused of “Geeft”n hand als bosje wortetsljes’ means “giving a handshake like a bunch of carrots.

8.    The Pump Handle
Credibility: 4/10
The pumper grabs pumpee’s hands and commences an energetic and rhythmic series of rapid vertical strokes. The pumper will cease pumping but continue to hold receiver’s hand to avoid them their escape but few people try to pull away their hands.