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Saturday, February 12, 2011 STYLES??~

                                  Did you know that there are several styles of handshakes? And the handshakes can be categorized into positive and negative handshakes. 

          1.    Lower Arm Grasp Handshake

It has been used to check for concealing weapons and it is actually original Roman method of greeting. They will hold their arm s with exposed palms to show there is no weapon.
         2. Dominant Handshake

This style can be used to determine who has power by observing the way they shake hands. Dominance is showed when you turn your hand (striped sleeve) so that your palm faces down in the handshake. The palm is not necessarily faces down but is the upper hand and communicates that we want to take control of the encounter.

3. Submissive Handshake

 It is the opposite of dominant handshake which is to offer your hand with your palm facing upward, symbolically giving the other the upper hand. This style can be used to give some control or allow other person to feel that he is in charge of that situation.

4. Equality

This style uses handshake with both palms in the vertical position which creates a feeling of equality and mutual respect. This style also creates comfort within the person itself as the person thinks “I feel comfortable with this person”.

5. Cold and Clammy Handshake

       This style of handshake usually occurs when we meet strangers our new people. It turns out to be our hands lost temperature and begin to sweat, making them feel cold and clammy which is resulted in handshake that feels like a wet salmon. So, please keep a handkerchief in your pocket or handbag so that you can dry your palms before shakes hands with someone important to avoid bad first impression.

6. Double-hander Handshake

This kind of handshake increases the amount of physical contact by the initiator and gives control over the receiver by restricting his right hand. It is also known as “politician handshake”.

7. Handshake of Control

Any two-handed handshake is to show sincerity, trust or depth feeling for the receiver.

·        Left hand is used to communicate the depth of feeling of initiator wants to convey and it is related to the distance of initiator’s left hand is placed up the receiver’s arm. It is more likely to embrace and initiator’s left hand is like thermometer of intimacy.

·        Initiator’s left hand is an invasion of receiver personal space. Generally, wrist hold handshake and elbow grasp handshake are acceptable only where one person feels close to another. The shoulder hold and upper-arm grip show close intimacy. 

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