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Monday, February 14, 2011

~WORST Handshakes???~

The TOP Eight WORST Handshakes!!!
Have you ever noticed that there are some kinds of handshakes that are unacceptable and irritated? http://matcuoi.comBasically, there are eight types of handshakes that are considered as worst and annoying by many people.  So, I will show you all the worst handshakes but please avoid them for your own sake. 

1.     The Wet Fish
Credibility: 1/10
There are some kinds of handshakes that are as uninviting as WET FISH, especially when the hand is cold or sweaty. The soft feel of WET FISH causes it to be unpopular. For your information, 1 in 20 people are suffering from hyperhydrosis where a genetic condition causes chronic sweating. So, I advise you to bring along your tissues or handkerchief anywhere to dry your palm before any handshaking.  

 2.    The Bone-Crusher
Credibility: 0/10
It is the most fearful handshake as it leaves an indelible memory on recipient’s minds and fingers. The bone-crusher is a handshake that usually done by people who are overly aggressive, without warning, and attempt to demoralize his opponents by grinding his knuckles to a smooth paste. Attention to women especially when you involve in business dealing, please avoid to wear rings on your right hand as bone-crusher can draws blood and leaves you to open your business dealing in state of shock.

3.    The Vice
Credibility: 4/10
Men always use quietly persuasive style in business and reveal a desire to dominate and assume early control of relationship or put people in their place. The vice includes of present the palm in the down position with one sharp downward pump followed by 2 or 3 vigorous return strokes and a grip that potentially stop blood flow to hand.

4.    The Finger-tip Grab
Credibility: 2/10
The finger-tip grab usually occur in male-female greetings where the person mistakenly grabs the other person’s fingers. The main goal of this style of handshake is to keep the recipient at comfortable distance. It also can happen because of the personal space differences between people in the handshake. If the finger-tip grab happens to you, take other person’s right hand with your left and place it correctly on your right hand.

5.    The Stiff-Arm Thrust
Credibility: 3/10
It is also used by aggressive person and its main aim is to keep you at a distance and away from their personal space. It also has been used by people raised in rural areas which they have larger personal space and want to protect their territory.

 6.    The Socket-Wrencher
Credibility: 3/10
It is popular among power players and common cause of watering eyes and even torn ligaments. It involves forcefully gripping the receiver’s outstretched palm, then simultaneously applying a sharp reverse thrust, attempting to drag the receiver into the initiator’s territory.

7.    The Dutch Treat
  Credibility: 2/10
This style is originally from Netherlands, where a person can be accused of “Geeft”n hand als bosje wortetsljes’ means “giving a handshake like a bunch of carrots.

8.    The Pump Handle
Credibility: 4/10
The pumper grabs pumpee’s hands and commences an energetic and rhythmic series of rapid vertical strokes. The pumper will cease pumping but continue to hold receiver’s hand to avoid them their escape but few people try to pull away their hands.


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