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Saturday, March 19, 2011

~Leg Reveals What Mind Wants To Do~

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First of all, our legs have two basic purposes which are to move forward to get food and to run away from danger.
 This is because our brain is directed to move towards what we want and move away from what we do not want.
Thus, the way a person uses leg or feet show where they want to go actually.
In simple word, during conversation, we can see a person's commitment whether to leave or stay in the conversation.
For example, open or uncrossed leg show open attitude while close or crossed leg show close attitude.

Meanwhile, a woman who is not interested in a man will fold her arms on her chest and cross her legs to give no-go signal but an interested woman will open herself to him.

Basically, there are four main type of standing positions that always been used which are at attention, legs apart, the foot-forward and leg cross.

  1. At attention
  • This is a formal standing position to show a neutral attitude with no commitment to stay or go.
  • It is used mostly by women compared to men as "no comment" signal.
  • Schoolchildren use it when they are talking to a teacher while junior officers use it when they are talking to senior officers.
2. Legs apart

  • Usually men use this standing position and  it is like a standing crotch display.
  • The crotch display places both feet firmly on the ground, making a clear statement that he has no attention of leaving.
  • The crotch display always  used by macho men and tough guys.
3. The foot-forward
  • Body weight is shifted to one hip, which leaves the front foot pointing forward
  • During middle ages, painting showed high status of men standing in the foot-forward position as it allowed them to display their fine hosiery, shoes and breeches.
  • It also pointing where minds want to go.
4. Leg cross
  • In some situation, we can see people standing with their legs and arms crossed.
  • If they are wearing jackets or coats, they are most likely to be buttoned.
  • This is because they do not know others well.
  • Crossed legs show a closed, submissiveness or defensive attitudes as they symbolically deny any access to the genitals.
These are all about different kind of standing positions. In the next post, we will learn something new but related with body gestures. 

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